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Long Term Rental

More stability & security.
Long term rental is well-known for its high return of investment (ROI). Not just the stability of ongoing income and tenancy, this option also offers you more security. Our experience has also proven that a long term tenant tend to care for your property more since they’d be staying there for an extended period. This means, lower maintenance cost for you.

Right tenant, less issue.
We understand you have every reason to be worry as an owner. However, our extensive quality tenant database, our premium listing on domain & real estate search, and our regular open inspections can help you minimize vacancy period as well as check your potential tenants history. Because your property is valuable to us, we won’t just find you any tenant, we will make sure to do thorough vetting process so you will get just the right one.

Leave the negotiation to us.

Long term rental negotiation can be complex and lengthy, but we won’t waste your precious time. In every negotiation, we will take into account your demands and expectations as well as assess every situation under which you may want to terminate the lease; to ensure that you will get the best deal.